Gun Safety & Your Local Gun Store

Gun Safety & Your Local Gun Store

By Top Gun Videos


Gun safety and your local gun store, gun safety is always important. One of the most important things you can do to assure your own gun safety is to partner with the professionals at your local gun store. A great gun store will have some of the most talented and capable staff. Each member has a tremendous amount of gun knowledge and they can help the novice gun owner a great deal.

While gun accidents the end in the death of a gun owner or their loved one are very rare, they still happen. You never want to be in that situation just because you were too excited about your new gun purchase to slow down and take the time to consider proper gun safety.

No new gun buyer should leave a gun store with a gunlock, and a safety plan for their new weapon. We all share the responsibilities of proper gun ownership, safety, and care.

Here are 5 things a great local gun store can help you with.

  1. Proper guidance and firearms selection. When you are purchasing a gun for a specific purpose, like home protection, the experienced staff can guide you in your purchase.
  2. Help you find local firearms training classes, and support. Sometimes finding the proper local training is hard to do. Your gun store should have been in business in the area for many years, and their staff will have some honest recommendations for you.
  3. Connect you with a local gun range. Finding a great place to practice with your gun makes all the difference.
  4. Supply you with gun safety equipment. Gun store carries the best gun locks, and safety tools. Since they are dedicated to their gun owners, a great gun store will have reliable safety equipment on hand for new gun owners. Never leave a store with a new gun without a gun lock and a gun safety plan.
  5. Answer your specific questions. You need someone to fill in the blanks between fiction, simple marketing, and the real world. The staff at a great gun store can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


Remember to have a gun safety plan. Getting a new gun is an amazing feeling. It is part freedom, and part that feeling of a kid on Christmas morning. You are excited to get the gun home, clean it, and get to a range or go shooting.

Just remember to work with the gun store staff on a basic gun safety plan before you leave the store. You should have a gun lock and a plan for where you are going to store your new gun. If you do not have a gun cabinet, maybe a small gun safe is a good choice.

Ask yourself these questions:


  • Where will I store my new gun?
  • Do I already have a gun lock that will fit perfectly?
  • Should I purchase a gun cabinet?
  • Is a gun safe a better idea?
  • When I drive home, where does my state say I need to put my gun in the car?
  • Should my gun be loaded?
  • Should I keep my ammo with the gun, or in a separate location?
  • Are their children or others in the household?
  • Do I need something to secure the gun in, or is a gun lock enough?

There are over 300 million Americans now. Each year there are an estimated 430 truly accidental gun deaths, and many more injuries. On a percentage of the population, that number is very low. You just never want that statistic to ever address you or one that you love. So have a plan and be safe. When you are making your plan, it is OK to run that by your gun store team member to see if they have any safety recommendations.

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