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Video by 
Guns Zone

5.7MM beats 9MM

Video by TFB TV

FBI's Favorite Pistol

Video by TFB TV

Best AR 15 Silencer

Video by TFB TV

Gold Guns

Video by TFB TV

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50th episode

Video by TFB TV

Taran Butlers Top 5 Guns

Video by TFB TV

Non Lethal Weapons

Video by TFB TV

I got my Mom a gun

Video by TFB TV

The AUTOMAG is back

Video by TFB TV

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Video by TechZone

Top New Guns!

Video by Survival Gear

2 Guns that Navy SEAL Jack Carr Picks for Concealed Carry

Video by TFB TV

Basic Part of a Gun

Video by NRA

How Guns Work

Video by Thomas Schwenke

Firearm Identification

Video by Whiskey Delta

AR 15 Parts Explained

Video by USCCA

What Ammo Should You Use

Video by USCCA

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6 Lies About the AR15

Video by Defenders And Disciples

More AR15 Facts and Myths

Video by Guns Out TV

Beginners Guide to Holsters

Video by mixup98

Get your Holster Here

A new kind of Holster

Video by Urban Carry Holsters

10 Concealed Carry Tips

Video by Nick Koumalatsos

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Another Look at the M&P 15

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Tactical II: Welcome to the 21st Century -Review

Video by TFB TV.

CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm Pistol review

CZ Bren 2 MS Pistol 8", 5.56

Check out this amazing CZ Bren to purchase visit TopGunSupply.

Video by Classic Firearms

Colt Python 357 Mag 6RD 6" Stainless Steel

Video by Hammer Striker

You can purchase your Python online at


Discover the 10 best new handguns for 2022. Video by Survival Gear

New Handguns we want to shoot in 2022

Top 5 Micro 9mm Pistols

Video by Honest Outlaw.

3 things you should never do when carrying your handgun!

Video by the USCCA

Top 5 predictions for gun owners in 2022

Learn the top 2022 gun owner predictions. Be ready instead of being sorry.

Video by the USCCA

Top 10 home defense guns of 2022!

Video by Survival Gear
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Un Gun Registry?

This trending video is talking about politics in the world of guns and gun registrations.

Video by Armed Scholar

Best gun for the end of the world?

This TFB video talks about the two best guns to have when it hits the fan.

Video by TFB TV


Can an affordable AR15 stand up?

Again we look at does price matter when it comes to your AR 15?

Video by TFB

What is the most returned Handgun?

This is just one gun store owners experience, but this video has many views and is trending well so we added this to the site.

Visit a Gun Factory

In this video you can visit Kel-Tec and enjoy a factory tour. Video by TFB TV

15 Military Weapons You Wont Believe Exist

These weapons will amazing you. 

Video by Factnomenal