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AK 47 Video

This new AK 47 video is amazing! AK 47 Video by Matt Rittman This video of the AK 47 is stunning and presents a 3D breakdown of this legendary weapon. The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova, is the amazing gas powered assault rifle chambered in the 7.69X33MM cartridge. This legendary weapon has been used by […]

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How to legally buy a gun online

How to legally buy a gun online   Did you know that you can legally purchase a gun online, much like you would in a local store? Well, it is true and there are specific laws and guidelines that must be followed. When you purchase a gun from a FFL Federal Firearms Licensed dealer online, […]

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Lady's gun store trip

Lady's gun store trip Video by Top Gun Videos A trip to the gun store used to be scary for a lady. This was a territory that men loved, and where they could be men. But since every man (including gun store owners) loves the ladies in their lives, and wants women to be safe, […]

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Guns for Home Defense

Which gun is best for you for home defense?   Guns for Home Defense ?   Best Home Defense Gun is it Shotgun, Pistol, or a Rifle? Which is the best firearm to use for home defense or self-defense in the home? Your final decision will come down to a variety of personal choices. The […]

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How to fight inflation with guns and ammo

How to fight inflation with guns and ammo   We see the scary signs of inflation all around us these days. As gun owners, collectors, and fans, this means higher costs for new guns, and higher costs for regular ammo resupplies.   One thing that can help is to find a trusted supplier for your […]

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Gun Safety & Your Local Gun Store

Gun Safety & Your Local Gun Store By Top Gun Videos   Gun safety and your local gun store, gun safety is always important. One of the most important things you can do to assure your own gun safety is to partner with the professionals at your local gun store. A great gun store will […]

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