How to fight inflation with guns and ammo

How to fight inflation with guns and ammo


We see the scary signs of inflation all around us these days. As gun owners, collectors, and fans, this means higher costs for new guns, and higher costs for regular ammo resupplies.


One thing that can help is to find a trusted supplier for your ammunition. I use my friends at Top Gun Supply for my ammo. They work very hard to find a consistent supply of ammo even during these low supply days. The company owner and managers have established long-term relationships with ammo manufacturers, which have helped the company maintain a supply of ammo for their loyal customers.


They also know how to negotiate or large volume purchases, so you don’t have to. This means even while things are crazy out there, Top Gun Supply is able to still keep restocking their supplies. As a result, you and I can get a reliable source for our ammunition. This has been important to me because I shoot both for sport, and to keep accurate on the firing range. My weekly trips would have had to stop had it not been for their hard work.

In February, I had to break out the old 22 to go to the range with since I was almost out of ammo for my other pistols. That was not a good feeling. Since that time, I have been able to keep up with my weekly use thanks to Top Gun Supply. Check out their ammunition in stock online, and when possible, have it shipped to your home or business directly. Soon gas will be $4 a gallon again (already is for my friends in California) and you do not want to be driving all over town trying to find the rounds you need.

Now they do set some limits on most rounds for a single purchase. So regular ordering is an inside key to success. I just keep an eye on their website and what is in stock, then put my order in when I see the next type I need for my supplies.

As we move forward into 2021, and very soon 2022 (it will be here before you know it) we must consider our gun and ammo purchases carefully understanding like everything else prices will rise. For some of us, that means buying something a little ahead of plan, in order to save money. With inflation, saving up is not something that really helps. With the value of the dollar dropping like a stone (fastest drop in 30 years) we are still not seeing interest rates on savings rise.

Inflation is more than a bad memory


If any of you is old enough to remember the 1980s, then you recall that interest rates reached their highest point in modern history in 1981 when the annual average was 16.63%. Later we finished that decade out at 10% rates. There was also a time when your bank CD or savings account could earn you 10%. While we might not be going back to those times yet, we are seeing inflation rear its ugly head.


There is an economic theory or approach that is called dollar cost averaging. It is thought of as an investment strategy, but it is good to consider when facing inflation on something like ammunition that you buy on a regular basis. Essentially, by purchasing consistently as prices go up and down in a market, you will reach an average price. That average price will be lower than the highs in the market.

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets, such as equities. Dollar cost averaging is also called the constant dollar plan (in the US), pound-cost averaging (in the UK), and, irrespective of currency, unit cost averaging, incremental trading, or the cost average effect. Source Wikipedia


When applying this, just keep in mind that the laws of supply and demand, combined with inflation, will make the price go up over time. So, if you have the need, you may want to regularly purchase to the sellers limit now to save as much as you can in the months and few years to come.

If you log in to Top Gun Supply and check their ammo for sale you might see a limit of say 5 boxes on a certain brand. Well, today might be a good day to load up. If you would have purchased two boxes before you could save 20% or more by buying now. (Inflation is just that crazy now, especially with ammunition.)

Other online sellers and even local gun stores are cashing in. It is sad to see, but just like water after a hurricane, sometimes people take advantage of spikes in pricing and demand. I have seen some sellers quadruple their price on ammunition in the last 6 months. At Top Gun Supply, they have had to increase costs but only based on the actual increase from their manufacturers' pricing. They are taking the high road and not hitting their customers at very high prices.

If you want to fight inflation when it comes to guns and ammunition trust Top Gun Supply as your trusted supplier.