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Delta Point Optic Torture Test

TFB TV is back with this video James was initially not hot on the Leupold Delta Point Micro red dot optic, but he agreed to review one on his Glock 19X anyways. It's got a weird layout and a small window, but Leupold, and many Delta Point Micro users, all sing its praises as a small, low profile, and durable red dot. James puts it to the test - a torture test - including a drop from a helicopter and a very...uh, unique...submersion test. How did the Glock 19X and Leupold Delta Point Micro combo hold up? You'll have to watch today's video and see

Can a $200 shotgun hang?

TFB TV  presents some great content about shotgun quality and strength..

500 round test of a great shotgun?

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves brings you the exhilarating second part to his "Poverty Tier Shotgun Review". James bought a $400 Black Aces Tactical S MAX Pro semi-automatic shotgun a couple of weeks ago, rigged it with $100 of cheap parts he found online, and got it ready for today's 500 round torture test. How does the Black Aces shotgun fare against 500 rounds of mixed light, medium, and heavy birdshot and buckshot? There's only one way to find out: watch today's video.